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Density Measurement

Density MeasureOur density measuring systems work absolutely non-contacting and non-intrusive. The measurement can be carried out on all liquids and bulk materials, including highly acidic, alkali or saline solutions and suspensions. Clamped on the outer wall of the pipeline, chute or vessel the system components do not come into contact with the measured material and are therefore not exposed to wear and tear. You will get process insight from the outside.

All our density gauges provide a maintenance-free operation and can be easily installed on existing pipelines without process down time. The measurement systems are adaptable to all pipelines from 25 to 1000mm.

 Measuring Principle

 Based on the radiometric principle, our density gauges can be operated in the most demanding and hostile of process conditions. Learn more about our density systems


Technology Highlights

DetectorStabilityDetector Stability

The patented method for detector stabilization ensures a consistent measurement performance, reliably compensating temperature and aging effects.




Our high-sensitive detectors achieve a better measuring effect and can work with remarkably low source activities.




Our Products for Density Measurement:

LB414SmartSeries LB 414 - Gamma Densitometer

Compact and cost-efficient density detector with integrated evaluation unit and local user interface for the use in non-hazardous, non-explosive areas.



LB379Inline Density Meter LB 379

Low energy compact transmitter, working with extremely low dose rates (comparable to x-rays).






LB444Density measurement LB 444

2-wire density system with separate evaluation unit and intrinsically safe supply.



444frackingFracking Density System LB 444

Nucleonic density gauge, designed for hydraulic fracturing and cementing applications



LB490UniProbePointDetDensity Measurement with Uni-Probe LB 491

Compact field device for density measurement, with interfaces for HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus.



SensSeries 480 CrystalDensity measurement with SENSseries LB 480

Next generation of high-sensitive, high- quality detectors for HART applications, with innovative safety features - SILready






LB444 evalunitLB 444K Potassium Content Measurement

 The LB 444K Potassium Meter employs a variety of highly sensitive, scintillation based density detectors to do the job.