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Radiometric Moisture Measurement LB 350

NeutronMoist concreteThe moisture measurement system LB 350 is primarily used for applications, which can't be solved with conventional sensor technologies due to conductivity or particular chemical properties of the material to be measured.

Benefit from the large measuring volume of 1m diameter, leading to absolutely representative measurement results. The measurement is carried out either from the outside, through the bunker walls or by using a robust dip pipe which is installed inside the bunker. The measuring instrument itself is therefore not subjected to wear and tear.

The LB 350 has proven to work highly precise and reliable in numerous difficult applications like the moisture measurement of coke, sinter, sand, gravel or lime-sand brick.

Measuring Principle

The measuring system LB 350 utilizes the neutron measurement technology.

          coke bunker surface probe        LB350 EvalUnit    LB350 bunker probe                

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Depending on the application and requirements, either the surface probe or the bunker probe can be used.

Surface Probe

The surface probe is mounted directly on the outer wall of a bunker. surface probe It is cabable to irradiate up to 20 mm thick steel walls. However, the best measuring accuracy is achieved by using our specifically designed mounting frame, which is installed in an opening in the wall. The mounting frame is extremely robust due to the wear-resistant ceramics surface and allows for a quick and easy installation of the probe.



 Bunker Probe

The probe is mounted in a dip pipe made from steel or ceramics. bunker probeTypically this dip pipe is inserted in the outlet section of the bunker, so that the probe is fully surrounded by bulk material. Due to the optimum position of the probe inside the material flow, a highly representative measurement is achieved.


                LB350 Brochure

Neutron Moisture Application Data Sheet

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