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GAMMAcast Radiometric Mould Level Gauge

LB6739The radiometric mould level measurement is maintenance-free and applicable for different mould types. Successful applications can also be found in Beam Blank and Round casters. Although working under extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, the measurement has proven to be reliable for many years of operation.

System characteristics

Highest reliabilityVirtually unlimited measuring rangeVery robustApplicable for all mould typesEasy calibrationMinimum source activity due to high-sensitive detectorsMaintenance-freeConstantly high accuracy over the whole measurement range

Measuring PrincipleLB6752

Gamma radiation is attenuated as it passes through the mould. This attenuation is measured by a detector. The extent to which the radiation is attenuated depends on the mould level. The higher the level of molten metal in the mould, the less radiation will reach the detector. In this manner, the mould level can be reliably monitored - irrespective of dust, temperature and vibrations.

GAMMAcast Detectors 

GAMMAcast detectors are characterized by their excellent sensitivity for gamma radiation, leading to a significant reduction of source size. The new robust detector design and the PlugProtect cable connection ensure highest mechanical stability and an extended lifetime.PlugProtectTech                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Activity Optimized Source (AOS)

The Activity Optimized Source allows for an enhanced measuring performance. By modifying the activity distribution along the source the accuracy around the set point can be significantly improved. Alternatively, when the accuracy is to remain unchanged, the source activity can be reduced by several factors. This allows for the use of smaller shieldings, which is a major benefit in terms of space and costs. In individual cases it is also possible to work with the significantly more cost-efficient lead as shielding material.


Mould Level Brochure

Mould Level Application Data Sheet

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