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Mould Level Measurement


MouldLevelAThe precise measurement of mould level is indispensable for the reliable prevention of steel overflows, breakouts and not least for the production of high quality steel.As global leader in radiometric mould level measurements we provide the experience and expertise to ideally meet the demands of the steel industry.



Our Product for Mould Level Measurement:


castXpert LB 452

LB452 CastXpertThe castXpert LB 452 mould level measuring system ensures optimal control of the continuous casting process due to the short cycle time of 5ms



GAMMAcast Radiometric Mould Level Gauge

mouldlevelmeasureReliable measurement using extremely robust detectors, maintenance-free and applicable for different mould types






ECcast - Eddy Current Mould Level Measurement

mouldlevelmeasureElectromagnetic mould level measurement, best accuracy - irrespective of casting powder or slag