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Fracking Density System LB 444

LB444 fracking2The LB 444 Fracking / Cementing density measurement system is designed to measure fracking proppants and cement in both high and low pressure lines.

Designed for the most punishing environments and high pressure conditions, the LB444 system combined with ruggedized detector technology and the most robust shieldings can be used with confidence in Hydraulic Fracturing applications.

Although the standard process value provided by means of the LB 444's 4-20 mA output is the density of the fracking/cementing mud, if requested an additional module can provide further output units such as PPA, KGsA and others.444fracking

With far lower source sizes, better performance due to scintillation based technology and superior customer service, the LB 444 system is the answer to your fracking/cementing density measurement requirements. And it's proven too, with hundreds of systems currently in operation.


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