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Inline Density Meter LB 379

LB379The LB 379 Inline Density Meter combines the radioactive source and the detector in one unit. The compelling advantage of the LB 379 is the extremely low dose rate, actually leading to a licence-free operation in several countries.

Due to its low radiation energy, an Am-241 source is used whose energy is comparable to that of x-rays and whose half-life time is about several hundred years. The LB 379 provides a high statistical accuracy and long-term stability by the use of highly senstitive scintillation detectors with the patented drift compensation.

The system is flanged to the pipeline. It is completely made from stainless steel and is also available with Teflon lining for a wear resistant operation for products with high viscosity and high solids content.LB379 mounted


Density Brochure

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LB379 Inline Density Brochure

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