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Density measurement with SENSseries LB 480


SensSeries 480 SuperHigh-sensitive Detectors for Non-contact Process Measurements

The measuring system SENSseries is used for the radiometric measurement of point level, continuous level, density and concentration. The SENSseries detector is a highly sophisticated, compact field device, providing a number of innovative features like Quick Start menu, Gas-density Compensation, Build-up Alarm, Radiation Interference Detection etc.

Be SENSitive

SENSseries detectors have an outstanding sensitivity resulting in a significantly increased measuring accuracy. This allows for the use of very small source activities – a great advantage in terms of shielding costs and radiation protection matters.


SENSseries stands for highest operational safety. The detectors have been designed and developed in accordance with IEC 61508. Wide-ranging and innovative safety features like the patented "Monitored Current Output" ensure a highly secure and reliable operation.

SensSeries 480 SuperS          SensSeries 480 Crystal

                           LB480 SuperSENS                     LB480 CrystalSENS          


Density Brochure

LB480 Brochure

Density Application Data Sheet

LB480 Product Data Sheet

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