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LB444K Potassium Content Measurement


As with any detection system, having a highly sensitive, stable and rugged detector is essential to making an accurate measurement.  The LB444K uses two types of detectors dictated by the process parameters.  When maximum sensitivity is required, Berthold's SuperSENS detector is used.  Due to its large scintillation crystall (150mmx150mm) the SuperSENS is the solution where maximum sensitivity is required.  Berthold's 50mmx50mm Tallium-doped Sodium Iodide detector (which is 3.67 times more sensitive than standard PVT crystal Material) is used for applications where less sensitivity is needed.

Three different mounting configurations can be accommodated:

Belt conveyor     *     Surface Mount     *     Insertion Dip Tubes


 super-sens          LB444 evalunit           Sodium Iodide



LB444K Potassium Content Measurement Brochure

K40 Measurement Application Data Sheet